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"I enjoy working for my Lord. I consider it the highest honor on earth."


  • Dallas Plemmons was born in the mountain country of North Carolina to Baptist parents. His Grandfather Plemmons especially influenced Dallas and his future ministry, and he says he cannot remember a time when he did not know it was God's will for him to preach the Gospel. However, a young Dallas initially shunned his call to the ministry, growing restless and straying from God in his teenage years. He ended up fighting in the ring as a profession, but an accident cut short his developing boxing career. Becoming more miserable by the day, he became an alcoholic by his early twenties.

    While serving with the U.S. Army, Dallas was converted and delivered from alcohol in a "foxhole"! During the war in Korea, he was supernaturally delivered from death five times by miracles, three times surviving massacres as the lone survivor. He was captured and tortured in a communist prison, but he escaped and made his way back to the U.S. lines in Korea after a succession of miracles.

    Upon returning to the States and being discharged from the Army, Dallas attended a Southern Baptist School of Theology to prepare for the ministry. While attending school and pastoring a Baptist church, he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In the ensuing years, he raised up orphanage works in Haiti and India. He has preached and ministered to the lost, sick, and needy in churches and auditoriums across America and Canada, and he has also held crusades in 53 countries.

    The outstanding part of Dallas Plemmons' ministry of love and compassion is his very touching testimony and his ability to make the Bible come alive. Wherever Dallas goes, people are saved, filled with the Spirit, and healed.

    Want to know more about Dallas Plemmons and his story? The detailed autobiography is available in his book "Hell in the Land of the Morning Calm".

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